Adding Uniswap V2 Liquidity Guide

To provide liquidity for the $MUTE / $ETH Uniswap pair, you'll need to fund both sides of the exchange. This means you'll need to deposit equal values of both $ETH and $MUTE. For example, if the current price of $MUTE is .001 $ETH, then for every 1000 $MUTE you want to stake you'll also need to deposit 1 $ETH.

Once everything is approved and deposited, you'll be sent tokens that represent your share of the liquidity pool. These tokens automatically earn 0.3% of all trades proportional to your share of the pool until you redeem them.

Adding Liquidity

TIP: If you want to save gas costs, do your transactions when network demand is at its lowest -- generally around 00:00 - 01:00 UTC and on the weekends.

First, open up the Uniswap V2 Liquidity dApp either in your web browser or web3 enabled wallet for whichever token you want to add liquidity to.


Entering in one amount will auto fill the other.

Once you hit the "Approve MUTE" button, you'll need to confirm the transaction and pay a small transaction fee. If you are using a Ledger hardware wallet make sure you have contract data enabled in the settings. After the transaction goes through, the Supply button will become available.

Once you hit the "Confirm Supply" button you'll need to confirm the transaction in your wallet. You'll need the transaction to complete before the price changes too much, so don't low ball the fee even though it might be tempting since it's more expensive than the previous one.

At this point you can use the "add UNI-V2 to ..." button if you want to see the pool tokens in your wallet and then close the window. If you need to manually add either token to your particular wallet, add it as a custom token using the following addresses..

Uniswap Liquidity Pool Tokens

MUTE/ETH - 0x0efb424c465dbd0a626359d63412838f727f2c25

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