Big picture roadmap - subject to change


Mainnet Release May, 2023. Farming Program A liquidity reward protocol rolled out to incentivize high-value projects to provide liquidity on Koi. A fixed APY farming model that allows for efficient reward distributions. Bond Infra A Bond marketplace rolled out to give projects tooling to increase their PoL.

Paymaster Pay fees in any tokens traded on Koi

veDAO Vote-escrow model for Koi tokens. Get access to the KOI DAO, boosted farming APYs, and revenue sharing (Q1 2024)

Q1/Q2 2024

Mute -> Koi rebrand & token swap Rebranded ecosystem with overhauled tokenomics

veKoi revenue sharing Integrate revenue sharing mechanisms from protocol generated fees for veKoi lockers.

Concentrated liquidity pools, limit orders, trading strategies Deploy and integrated concentrated liquidity pools with limit orders, range orders, recurring orders, and overlapping liquidity segmentation.

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