Governor & Timelock specs

The Koi DAO uses a dual contract setup (Governor & Governor Timelock) that allows proposals to be created with an additional layer of security. The Governor contract is responsible for the arbitrary logic that the governance mechanism works off of, and the Timelock contract is the core module that holds funds and owns other contracts. The Timelock contract also allows users to exit the system if they disagree with a decision before it is executed. This safety delay is 2 days after a proposal gets passed. The Koi DAO UI can be accessed through Tally: Specifications Minimum proposal threshold: 50,000 veKOI vote shares Minimum Quorum: 10% of the total vote share supply with 50%+ in favor Vote delay: 1 day Vote period: 3 days Execution delay: 2 days

After a proposal gets passed, there is a 2 day delay before execution is possible. This is set in place to ensure that the governance system has a reasonable amount of time to change the decision on the proposal.

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